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BJP leader Sambit Patra scolds I.N.D.I.A alliance on 14 News Anchors boycott order on TV debate shows

New Delhi. BJP spokesperson and leader Sambit Patra has scolded I.N.D.I.A alliance over their official boycott order on 14 specific news anchors and their TV debate shows.

BJP calls it foul play

Bharatiya Janata Party voiced against the order and calls it malpractice against press freedom. In his press conference, Sambit Patra told “This is not some boycott list, infact it is Hit List. This is attack to press freedom.”

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Earlier, during the core committee meeting of opposition alliance I.N.D.IA  a decision was made to completely boycott the TV debate shows containing these 14 News anchors.

Pawan Khera posted on his official X account, the official boycott order with the news anchor names.

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