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Bengaluru based Start UP CEO Suchana Seth arrested from Karnataka, convicted for killing her 4 year old son at Goa

New Delhi. In a shocking incident, Police has caught Bengaluru based start up The Mindful AI Lab‘s CEO and Founder Suchana Seth from Chitradurga district Karnataka red handed with body remains of her four year old son in a bag.

Suchana Seth happens to be reputed entrepreneur and educated women, she checked into rented apartment at Candolim in North Goa on January 6, 2024, where she did this heinous crime as per police findings and dumped the body in a bag.

After two days stay, she asked apartment staff to book her taxi from Goa to Bengaluru which is hefty and expensive affair, staff suggested her to book her a flight towards Bangalore which she continuously denied. Apartment staff found stains of blood on her towels, which she explained it as monthly regular periods during her arrest.

Karnataka Police also enquired her about her 4 year old son who also checked in along with her, she answered it that her son is with her friend located at South Goa.

Police found her story suspicious and checked her Car thoroughly, they found her four year old son’s body stuffed inside a bag. The motive behind killing of her own son is still yet to be discovered, Suchana Seth is handed over to Goa Police on a transit remand.

Police has also informed about the murder of four year old son to accused’s husband Venkat Raman, who currently resides at Jakarta, Indonesia.

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